Welcome to Woodman Lake. Listen to the sound of nature. No loud traffic, no speeding pleasure boats, no screaming, pushing crowds of people. Just you and Mother Nature.

Woodman Lake is located less than one mile from the small town of Woodman WI. It is part of the DNR’s Woodman Natural Area, home to Wisconsin’s largest number of native fish, plants and wildlife. The Lake takes up several acres in the Lower Wisconsin Riverway and stretches about one and one half mile in length. This natural backwater of the Wisconsin River is protected by it’s “electric motor only “ limitation and it’s secluded access that keeps it hidden from everyday hustle and bustle.

The Lake’s long narrow shape makes it accessible to bank fisherman for over one half mile and has several handicapped accessible areas so that all might enjoy the serenity of this beautiful Wisconsin Natural Area.

In Woodman Lake’s adjoining marshes, prairies and wooded areas it is common to walk up on Sand Cranes, Deer, Eagles and more. What’s even better is that if you sit still and be quiet they most likely will walk up on you.

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Woodman Lake, the way Mother Nature intended it to be.